"Drei Brüder" ist jetzt auch in englischer Sprache verfügbar

Diese Übersetzung ist sowohl als E-Book als auch als Print on Demand erhältlich. Bei Print on Demand entfällt die Lagerhaltung; es wird gedruckt, sobald bestellt wird. Der Verlag probiert hier die Optimierung von Druckkosten und Lagerhaltung aus. Das gedruckte Buch in englischer Fassung ist nur bei Amazon (hier klicken) erhältlich. Zur Neuerscheinung des übersetzten Buches begleiten wir das Buch mit einem stark reduzierten E-Book-Preis. Das E-Book "Three Brothers" ist in allen Shops erhältlich.

Aus dem Flyer:
A summary of the “Three Brothers“:
Marc Anderson and his two commando brothers Thomas and Tim are highly respected elite soldiers in the secretive German Commando Special Forces, the KSK. Together with the American Navy Seals, they successfully rescue the crew of a downed American F-15 tactical fighter jet in the Hindu Kusch Mountains under a barrage of heavy fire from the Taliban. However, their next mission – in Northern Iraq – to save two German hostages taken captive by the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ends in disaster for the three brothers in arms. The perfectly laid-out strategy of Operation Eagle is betrayed, causes Marc, Thomas, and Tim to narrowly escape death. The German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) starts the hunt for the informant.
The devoted commando brothers decide to leave the KSK and start a new career together as security advisors with a family-owned company based in Cologne. But the terrorist activities of ISIS continue to determine their fate. The brothers are faced with one of their greatest challenges when ISIS kidnaps company heir Johannes Ericson and his partner Karina Marie. Moreover, the terrorists demand a ransom and extort the German government to immediately suspend its military intervention in the fight against ISIS. It is a race against time to save the couple from assassination.
Kate Baggott (CA): “An exciting page-turner: The Germany portrayed in this book is one we both recognize and one we wish we knew better. A strong female leader who makes decisions with bravery and intelligence and three macho soldiers who are out to save the world. Three Brothers is a book that will appeal to all fans of the military-adventure and thriller genres. This is a ‘Mission Impossible’ that shows us just what is possible.“
Three Brothers is the English translation of the successful German thriller Drei Brüder (ratio-books), highly appre­ciated by thousands of readers, as well as military organizations and government officials alike. Readers claim Joerg H. Trauboth in his wiritng as the German Tom Clancy and similar authors. Drei Brüder has been translated into English by (US native) Leanne Cvetan.

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